Thank you Alumni


Why your gift to Costa Catholic Academy is important

To say "Thanks", a donation is a way of expressing gratitude for shaping a body and a mind for success. It is a personal stamp of approval. A way to know that in some way you are making a difference in the life of today's students.


To support students. There are over 200 reasons to support Costa. Those reasons spend their days engaged in learning how to succeed in life through excellent academic programs, a fine and performance arts program second to none, athletics, but most important how to live their life with God in it.


To help Costa maintain it's standard of excellence. Financial support is needed to retain the best instructors, have the most updated technology equipment for our students and to maintain our facilities to standards we can all be proud of.

To help with the high cost of education. Tuition does not cover the cost of educating students. It doesn't now, nor will it in the future. In fact costs are quickly outpacing our schools sources of revenue. With your help we can "close the gap" and provide more students with more aid in order to provide an outstanding Catholic education to those who may not be able to afford it otherwise.


With your help and financial support, Costa Catholic Academy will be able to continue to educate future generations of students who will venture into the world and contribute to society due to their well rounded education of academics, arts, and Catholic values.

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